Drekkāṇa is the power of the trinity

The drekkāṇa is one-third a rāśi measuring 10° arc and having exactly three nakṣatra pada (of 3°20’) in it. There are 36 drekkāṇa in the zodiac as 3×12=36. Just as the horā D2 chart maps to the second house of the rāśi chart in the physical plane of consciousness, the drekkāṇa being a D3 chart, maps to the third house. We learn four drekkāṇa types among the five types defined by Parāśara as well as the ancient Greek drekkāṇa taught by Varāhamihira. There are two methods of reckoning the drekkāṇa i.e. by either regular count (zodiacal/reverse) or triplicity. In the method based on regularity, the Parivṛtti Drekkāṇa (based on vriddha kārikā) is adopted following regular zodiacal order. While the Somanāth Drekkāṇa uses zodiacal count only for odd signs and reverse for even signs. In the method based on triplicity, Parāśara Drekkāṇa takes the trines from the sign itself. The Jagannāth Drekkāṇa takes the trines from the movable sign. Drekkāṇa is the power of the trinity, the trimūrti referred to the highest manifested power of God as Brahma, Viṣṇu and Rudra. Movable signs have Brahma energy, fixed signs have Rudra energy and dual signs have Viṣṇu energy.