© 2007 Ron Reznick

[#Beginning of Shooting Data Section] Nikon D2Hs

Focal Length: 85mm

Optimize Image:

Color Mode: Mode II (Adobe RGB)

Long Exposure NR: Off

High ISO NR: Off

2007/08/04 14:04:52.2

Exposure Mode: Aperture Priority

White Balance: Color Temp. (3300 K)

Tone Comp.: Auto

RAW (12-bit)

Metering Mode: Multi-Pattern

AF Mode: AF-C

Hue Adjustment: 0°

Image Size: Large (2464 x 1632)

1/50 sec – F/1.4

Flash Sync Mode: Not Attached

Saturation: Normal

Exposure Comp.: -1.0 EV

Sharpening: Normal

Lens: 85mm F/1.4 D

Sensitivity: ISO 400

Image Comment: (c)RonReznick_www.digital-images.net

[#End of Shooting Data Section]


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