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  • PJC-2A Navamsa WS 104 - This time we study combinations that make marriage very difficult or relationships very painful. What karma shows this and why? What is the meaning of dusthana with respect to marriage and relationships. What yogas can guarantee this suffering? What enforces ...Read
  • PJC-2A Navamsa WS 102 - As decided, this will be the method of doing the workshop.
  • PJC-2A Navamsa WS 101 - As decided, this will be the method of doing the workshop.
  • Webinar Drekkana-02 - Welcome to PJC-2A Varga Webinars. We plan to have a few webinars before the holidays...to start with. Lets study siblings first. That is easy as we know our siblings and have enough data to verify. [...]


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Pt.Sanjay Rath
Sanjay Rath belongs to a traditional family of astrologers from Bira Balabhadrapur Sasan village of Puri, Orissa, which trace their lineage back to Shri Achyuta Das (Sri Achyutananda).
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Sarbani Rath
Sarbani Rath, Jaimini Scholar (DBC)
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  • Varga Viveka - There are certain rules which are common for all divisional charts and Parāśara summarises them in the chapter Varga Viveka. He starts by emphasising the importance of strengths, particularly vimśopāka ...Read
  • Varga Concepts - This chapter of Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śāstra has many concepts used in studying the charts. We examine some of the śloka for understanding the following concepts. Kendra: definition of the ...Read
  • Kendra: The Cross - The word kendra (Sanskrit. केन्द्र) means that which is the center of something like a focus. As explained earlier, the concept of kendra was derived from the lunar tides and ...Read
  • Kṣetra - Etymology The Sanskrit word क्षेत्र (kṣetra) means landed property, land, soil as in kṣetrasya-pati[1] meaning “lord of the land” and can refer to a kind of tutelary deity protecting the ...Read
  • Śloka 5 ½ - Whichever rāśi a particular division is in, the lord of the said division shall be the same as the rāśi it is mapped to.  This is the first fundamental principle ...Read


  • Initiation - The initiation of the Himalaya Class of PJC-Year 2 starts with teaching of two mantras - one for learning vedic astrology and the other for worshipping the parama-guru Muni Parāśara. ...Read
  • Jyotisa Concepts - Before venturing into divisional charts we need to learn the terminology and concepts used by the sages of yore. The following varga concepts are included in these slide presentation. Rāśi ...Read
  • Karma and Freewill - After death a person carries with him the dharma (and the Karma), which can be divided into two broad parts called Saṅcita Karma and Prārabdha Karma. Saṅcita Karma is finished ...Read
  • Exaltation and Debility - Definition VA West[1] VA Graha Exalt D D Fall D Sun Ar 10 20 Li 10 Moon Ta 3 3 Sc 3 Mars Cp 28 28 Cn 28 Merc Vi ...Read
  • Method of Three Kings - {tab=Intro} Examination of Rāśi Chart What are the areas we need study in the kṣetra? These include primarily the nature, health and longevity of the native and then we can ...Read

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  • Welcome to PJC Year-2A - Welcome to the second year of the Parāśara Jyotiṣa Course which is divided into two academic years - PJC Year-2A and PJC Year-2B, i.e. two academic years, which can translate into about 3 calendar years. Course fees are payable only for academic years, even if they take longer to complete. Prārambha: Commencement: This is the introduction to the course and ...Read
  • Sarbani Rath - Sarbani Rath sarbani.rath@srijagannath.org http://sarbanirath.com JSP India Head of SJC 15B Gangaram Hospital Road, New Delhi 110060, India +91-9810449850 fb/SarbaniRath @sarbanirath Bio: Born on the Thirtieth day of June 1962 in Calcutta, India at seventeen minutes past midnight, to very pious parents Ashoke Kumar Sarkar and Aloka, who were the third generation in the Sarkar family directly associating with the Ramakrishna ...Read
  • Himalaya Class 2014 - Contact Class Schedule D Date Vāra 8:00 AM 1:00 PM 1 21-Aug-2014 Thu Varga Schemes Rāśi Aṁśa - Bhāva Concepts 2 22-Aug-2014 Fri Navāṁśa: D9 Janma, Principles Navāṁśa: D9 Bhāgya 3 23-Aug-2014 Sat Navāṁśa: D9 Notes Navāṁśa: D9 Notes 4 24-Aug-2014 Sun Drekkāṇa: D3 Siblings Drekkāṇa Devatā & Mantra 5 25-Aug-2014 Mon Drekkāṇa: D3-J Karma Phala Dvādaśāṁśa: D12 Principles, Sūryāṁśa ...Read

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Sarbani Rath
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